Terms and Conditions

(Updated January 2015)

1. Area of applicability, parties and contact details

The following terms and conditions refer to the reservation of journeys and passenger transport provided by AltoAdigeTransfer. The reservation of a journey with the relative confirmation constitutes a transport contract with Plattner Martin & Co Snc
Piazza Hofmann, 1
39011 Lana
P. IVA 01561140219

hereafter referred to as “AltoAdigeTransfer”. For all enquires or suggestions, clients are invited to contact AltoAdigeTransfer via:
e-mail: info@altoadigetransfer.com
telefono: +39 0473 563071

2. Reservation

2.1 Journeys provided by AltoAdigeTransfer can be reserved via the following booking services:
2.3 All reservations are assigned to a specific person and for a selected journey as part of the booking process. The passenger’s name and surname must be indicated at the time of booking.
2.4 Travel documentation comprises of a printed or electronic (PDF) copy of the booking confirmation which the passenger is required to display on request by the ticket officer.
The booking confirmation is recorded and emailed to the passenger.
2.5 Each passenger in possession of a valid ticket is guaranteed a seat. It is not possible to reserve specific seats. Seats are not allocated. Passengers with children and persons with reduced mobility have priority over seating choice.

3. Payment

3.1 Payment can be made by various means:
  • online via PayPal or credit card (Mastercard/Visa)
3.2.1 For payments made via PayPal or credit card, the total amount is debited from the client’s account on concluding the booking process.
3.2.2 Any bank charges or other fees applied in the case of the cancellation of a credit card or PayPal transaction are the responsibility of the passenger. Cancellation can result in the client being temporarily or permanently restricted from credit card payments.
3.2.3 Following an unsuccessful payment request by AltoAdigeTransfer, the debt may be transferred to an external operator. AltoAdigeTransfer reserves the right to communicate any necessary personal data of the debtor to such operators.

4. Cancellations

4.1 Reservations can be cancelled up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure and a maximum of 60 days after the date of booking. Partial cancellations are not permitted.
4.2 Refunds for cancelled reservations are made exclusively to the PayPal account indicated by the client at the time of booking or, in the case of credit card payments, to the relative bank account.
4.3 Cancellations can only be made online. The link to cancel a reservation is sent to the client automatically along with the booking confirmation. Cancellations or modifications can not be made by the driver.

5. Timetables

5.1 The carrier reserves the right to alter approved and published times, dates, journeys and prices in serious circumstances and in particular to comply with decisions made by the authorities.
5.3 Modifications to the timetable for which the carrier is not responsible (for example long term consequences following a natural disaster or permanent road works) which come into effect following the agreement of a contract and affect the departure or arrival time by less than 2 hours do not grant the passenger the right to a refund. In the case of considerable changes to the scheduled timetable the passenger is entitled to terminate the transport contract at no cost. In this case the passenger must contact AltoAdigeTransfer via the telephone helpline on +39 0473 563071 or by email to info@altoadigetransfer.com. This is only permitted if the passenger has not yet embarked on the journey. This is without prejudice to the passenger's other rights.

6. Travel procedures

6.1 The services of AltoAdigeTransfer are provided by Martin Reisen, Silbernagl Srl or a partner service. Such partners are subject to the same terms and conditions as AltoAdigeTransfer for the provision of transport services.

7. Transport obligation

7.1 The right to transport exists where there is a transport obligation based on the present transport terms and conditions following a reservation.

8. Departure

8.1 Passengers who have also reserved a return journey are advised to reach the relative stop 15 minutes before departure.
8.2 If, at the scheduled departure time, a passenger is not present at the relative departure point, the transport obligation is terminated and the reserved space can be reassigned.
8.3 Should a passenger receive warning of a delayed departure from AltoAdigeTransfer via text message, email or an alternative written format, the right to transport is only terminated if the passenger is not present at the subsequent time specified in the text message or email.
8.4 On departure the passenger is required to present a printed or electronic (PDF) copy of the booking confirmation to the carrier’s personnel on request.

9. Children and young persons under the age of 18

9.1 Children (0-11,99 years) pay a reduced fare of 50% of the adult ticket price.
9.2 Children must be able to sit upright and unaided in their own seat for the entire duration of the journey. Children who are unable to sit unaided may only be transported in a suitable carrier or child seat. Such equipment must be secured with the seatbelt fitted in the carrier vehicle for the duration of the journey. Carriers/child seats must be secured with the seatbelts at two anchor points and must be provided by the adult accompanying the child. AltoAdigeTransfer does not provide carriers or child seats in its vehicles.
9.3 Children and young persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

10. Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility

10.1 In principle, AltoAdigeTransfer provides transport services to all, including passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility. AltoAdigeTransfer promises to provide non-discriminatory access for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility.
10.3 Where the characteristics of the vehicle or relevant structures, including bus stations and stops, do not allow safe and functional access to and from the vehicle or the secure transport of persons with disabilities or reduced mobility, AltoAdigeTransfer reserves the right to refuse the sale of the relative ticket.
Due to the characteristics of the vehicles used by AltoAdigeTransfer, transport of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility is currently only available where the passenger is able to undertake the journey independently and without the aid of third parties.
A passenger with a disability or reduced mobility can request the presence of a person of their choice who is able to provide the required assistance with the result that the terms specified above will cease to apply.
To enable the transport of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility and any relative persons accompanying them, the passenger must inform AltoAdigeTransfer of their requirements before booking and at least 36 hours before the scheduled departure.
AltoAdigeTransfer agrees to inform the passenger immediately and, on request, in writing within five working days of the request, of reasons for refusing transport.
If, for the reasons specified above, AltoAdigeTransfer is not able to supply a transport ticket for the requested journey, the company agrees to provide the passenger with information on alternative routes provided by AltoAdigeTransfer for which transport is possible.
10.4 Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility have the right to the free transportation of their folding wheelchairs or mobility aids in the coach's baggage hold. In order to confirm that the wheelchair or mobility aids are transportable, the passenger is required to inform AltoAdigeTransfer of the exact characteristics before booking and at least 36 hours before departure. Due to vehicle characteristics and safety measures, in general electric wheelchairs can not be transported.
10.5 Where the possibility to transport a passenger with disabilities or reduced mobility as described in point 10.3 is confirmed by AltoAdigeTransfer and a ticket has been supplied, but the passenger is still refused transport, the passenger and any persons accompanying them can choose between: (a) the right to a refund of the full ticket cost and, if applicable, a free return journey to the departure point, as indicated in the transport contract, as soon as possible, or (b) where possible, the continuation of the journey or rerouting with alternative suitable transport services to the end destination indicated in the transport contract.

11. Dogs and other animals

11.1 The carriage of dogs and other animals on AltoAdigeTransfer’s long-distance vehicles is generally not permitted.
11.2 This regulation does not apply to guide dogs accompanying visually impaired passengers or persons with diabetes. Guide dogs can be transported on presentation of a disability certificate.

12. Luggage and item transportation

12.1 Luggage included in the price of the ticket is restricted to two items with maximum dimensions of 67 x 50 x 27 cm and a maximum weight of 20 kg per item. There is no general right to transportation of more than two items. One item of hand luggage of maximum dimensions 38 x 28 x 15 cm and a maximum weight of 15 kg is permitted free of charge per passenger.
12.2 There is no claim to transportation of oversize luggage. Any item which exceeds the maximum dimensions and weights indicated in point 12.1 is considered oversize. Special terms apply to bicycles, including folding ones (see point 15). Pushchairs, sledges and other oversize items carried by the passenger are considered as extra items. Passengers must inform AltoAdigeTransfer of such items by telephone on +39 0473 563071 no later than 48 hours before departure.
12.3 The passenger is required to store any hand luggage in the vehicle’s cabin and to ensure that it does not affect the safety and functionality of the service or harm other passengers in any way.
12.4 Hand luggage and its contents remain the responsibility of the passenger for the entire duration of the journey and must be suitably supervised. In the case of illicit tampering by a third party, inform the driver. Shortly before the journey’s conclusion the passenger is obliged to check their hand luggage.
12.5 AltoAdigeTransfer declines all responsibility for hand luggage, except in the case of severe wrongdoing or negligence.
12.6 Valuables such as cash, jewellery, precious metals, keys, glasses (including sunglasses), electronic devices (laptops, iPads, tablets, MP3 players, mobile phones, cameras and video cameras), contact lenses, prosthetics, prescription drugs, important documents (diplomas, guarantees, certificates, passports, patents and qualification documents) etc and fragile items must be carried in hand luggage and not in the hold baggage. These are the sole responsibility of the passenger. Musical instruments are considered as valuables. Should an instrument exceed the maximum dimensions for hand luggage, a second seat must be reserved. The instrument can only be transported if it can be secured with the seatbelt.
12.7 AltoAdigeTransfer declines all responsibility for any valuables transported in the hold baggage, except in the case of severe wrongdoing or negligence.
12.8 Passengers are required to label their personal hold baggage with their name and address in order to ensure correct assignment and return and to avoid mistakes.

13. Bicycles

13.1 Bicycles may be transported on certain journeys (maximum 1 bicycle per passenger). Bicycles must be of standard dimensions, without additional equipment and not exceeding 25 kg. Tandems and tricycles are not permitted.
13.2 All clients wishing to transport a bicycle are advised to reserve the journey and bicycle carriage in advance.
13.3 Bicycle carriage is subject to available space. AltoAdigeTransfer does not assume any obligation for bicycle carriage.
13.4 Bicycle carriage (on the bicycle rack or in the hold) is subject to a 5 euro change regardless of the length and price of the reserved journey.

14. Increased charges

14.1 Any passenger found on board an AltoAdigeTransfer service without a valid advance reservation or a valid ticket issued from the driver is obliged to pay an increased charge.
14.2 Any passenger unable to present a valid booking confirmation to a ticket officer on request is obliged to state their personal details and, on request, to present a valid form of identity.
14.3 The increased charge is equivalent to twice the standard cost of the journey already travelled by the passenger and a minimum of 40 euros, plus the cost of any additional distance not yet travelled to the destination. If it is not possible to determine the length of journey which has already been travelled, in order to calculate the increased charge the entire length of the service will be assumed.
14.4 The increased charge must be paid immediately or otherwise within 2 weeks of the receipt of a written request for payment. After this period an administrative fee of 30 euros will be applied for each written payment request.
14.5 AltoAdigeTransfer reserves the right to undertake further civil or legal action.

15. Passenger obligations

15.1 Passengers must comply with instructions given by personnel on board the vehicle.
15.2 Personnel both on and off the vehicle are authorised to deny access to the transport service to passengers visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Passengers who may put the safety of other travellers at risk or otherwise exert a considerable negative influence on their wellbeing may also be refused travel. In such cases the passenger does not have the right to any alternative means of transport.
15.3 Smoking is not permitted on board the vehicle. This restriction also applies to electronic cigarettes.
15.4 Passengers are held responsible for any damages they cause to the vehicle.
15.5 Any passengers who dirty the vehicle either with intent or through negligence are subject to a minimum fine of 50 euros, payable to AltoAdigeTransfer. Passengers are however permitted to demonstrate that no such damage has been caused or that the damage incurs a significantly smaller cost to the sum specified above.
15.6 If, after a (verbal) warning, a passenger continues to behave in a way which prevents the carrier and/or other passengers from continuing the journey, AltoAdigeTransfer reserves the right to terminate the transport contract without warning. The same applies in the case of passengers not complying with objective instructions (such as safety measures). In this case the cost of the journey is non-refundable.
15.7 All passengers are required to use the provided seatbelts in accordance with the law.

16. All vehicles used by AltoAdigeTransfer comply with Italian law in terms of insurance and responsibility.

17. Delays and cancellations

17.1 In the case of the delay or cancellation of a departure, AltoAdigeTransfer agrees to inform passengers of the situation as soon as possible and within 30 minutes of the scheduled departure, including any available information pertaining to the predicted departure time.
Receipt of such information is subject to passengers providing the necessary contact details (such as a mobile phone number).
17.1 Where it can be reasonably believed that the departure of a reserved service must be cancelled or delayed for a period greater than 120 minutes or in the case of overbooking, passengers may choose between (a) continuation or rerouting towards the final destination as soon as possible under equivalent terms to those indicated in the transport contract or (b) a full refund of the ticket cost and, where applicable, a return journey to the departure point free of charge and as soon as possible, as indicated in the transport contract. Where the journey is no longer of use to the passenger’s original plans, the right to a full refund applies to all sections of the journey, including those already and yet to be travelled. The refund is made in cash or in an alternative format as agreed by the passenger, within 14 days of the receipt of the refund request or from the moment the passenger was presented with options (a) and (b).
17.4 If, in the course of the journey, the vehicle becomes unsuitable for use, AltoAdigeTransfer offers passengers a continuation of the service in an alternative vehicle or transport to a suitable waiting point from where the journey can be continued.
17.5 This is without prejudice to other rights pertaining to inconveniences caused by the cancellation or delay of a service.

18. Transport Terms and Conditions

The transport services provided by AltoAdigeTransfer comply with EU Regulation 181/2011 of 16 February 2011.

19. Jurisdiction

The competent court for business and legal cases is the Court of Bolzano.

20. Severability

The invalidity of any single provision does not affect the validity of the remaining transport contract.